Fresh Solution for a Fresh Morning

Pillowcase made for your skin

Do you know your pillowcase might be behind your acne?

When it comes to acne and greasiness, there can be multiple causes. However, they are usually caused or made worse by your habits. According to several scientific studies, acne-prone skin tends to get much worse because of the dirt and germs accumulated on the pillow during the night. It is during the night when the skin restores and releases toxins. But if your pillow is dirty and your face is on it for 8 hours, your skin will be crying for help if they can speak. 

So you have 2 options...

(1) you continue to sleep on a dirty pillowcase that is inappropriate for your skin or

(2) you change your pillowcase every day.

If it were us, we would say that none of these choices are acceptable.

But, what if there was a 3rd option?

 Sleepfolio is: 

  • a multi-layered pillowcase;
  • made with premium 100% bamboo fabric;
  • breathable and naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic;
  • silky like silk, but cruelty-free

Why do you need Sleepfolio ASAP?

Because you will,

  • Wake up with cleaner and healthier skin;
  • Have a better quality sleep;
  • Reduce tendency to have congested pores and acne;
  • Have more energy to spend time on things and people that matter to you more;
  • Save money on skincare products that might not solve the root cause of your skin issue.


1. Place the pillowcase as you normally do;


2. Fold the additional layers over to the back;

Flip & Slot

3. flip one layer from the back to the front and slot it over

Do you know your pillowcase is harboring plenty of bacteria that can give you acne, clogged pores, allergies, low immune system, and poor sleep? There is a reason dermatologists recommend changing your pillowcase every 1-2 days.

But we know it would also be unbearable to change your pillowcase every other night. That is why Sleepfolio comes to reinvent the nights of men and women who dream about having healthy skin and a good sleep. 

This solution is so much more affordable and almost effortless!

There are many things in life that we can afford to postpone. But having a good skin and a good sleep? It is not one of them! When you have healthy skin and quality sleep, confidence and good mood will follow. And then, productivity and success. Becoming a better version of yourself doesn’t have to be hard. 

Order a Sleepfolio pillowcase today and start your healthy sleep habits. 

Congested Pores and Poor Sleep? Not Anymore.

Your Fresh Sleep on Us.

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