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I couldn't find a product in the market that ticked all the boxes for my needs so I decided to create my own! 🧵

Meet the Snugged weighted sleep mask

What do you get when you cross an eye pillow and a sleep mask?

Snugged is the answer. The extra large design allows it to cover your eyes, forehead and temples, without unnecessary pressure or tight strap.

"It is extremely well & thoughtfully designed and perfectly weighted. It even helps block light and puts me at ease." -SS

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Meet the bamboo pillow sleeves

Less nasties. Better sleep

Sleep on a fresh surface every night by layering the pillowsleeves. Protect your skin from facial oil, hair grease, or germs that remain in your pillowcase from previous nights.

"It’s extra soft and smooth! I love that I can just slip a cover on and have the peace knowing that it’s clean for my cheeks to rest on as I sleep." - Desiray

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More than just a brand

We're here to create stress-free sleep and worry-free days! ✨

Hey, my name is Amber. Growing up in a fast-paced city, I understand the struggle to find moments of calm. Stress, insomnia, and anxiety have become all too familiar.

Discovering the concept of slow living has been a gamechanger for me. Embracing presence and mindfulness has made a noticeable difference - It eases stress, anxiety, and even improves sleep and migraines.

We are dedicated to helping you slow down and unwind - with or without our products 🤍