We create safe spaces in your bedroom

Each day is a new opportunity to create the life we want - An opportunity to make choices that align with our deepest desires. Whether it’s making big moves towards our ambitions, or slowing down to truly appreciate connection with others, it all only works if we are well rested and clear-headed.

Our Mission

We want to make you feel safe, calm and cozy with our sleep accessories. Drift off to sleep feeling like you're being tucked in. Exchange your racing mind with maximum coziness.

Our values

Build quality and practical products

Deliver warmth and positivity to everyone 

Be present, honest and down to earth 

Cause no harm to animals and the planet

How we started

Our entry into the incredible and fascinating world of sleep began with the humble search for a solution to acne.

I used to start my day on the back foot with acne on my cheeks and chin.

I soon discovered how pillowcases, and the grease and germs that lurk there, could be the cause of my never-ending battle with acne. With more research and experimentation, our first product - the bamboo fabric pillow sheets - were born.

Since then, we have been on a mission to discover solutions to the bedtime problems that stand between us and our daytime goals.