Our Story

Our goal is simple. We're a sleep care brand that's all about helping you sleep to your best self.

We design products to help you sleep better, so you wake up feeling fresh and beautiful. The pillow sleeves are the first in our line designed for modern men and women who barely have time to change their pillow case but want to sleep on a clean surface every night. 

So this is how we started. Our founder sleeps with a towel or t-shirt over her pillowcase every night because she has acne. When she does that, she notices that her cheeks have fewer blotches and blackheads, but it isn't that comfy sleeping on t-shirts that move around. She worked on multiple concepts until she came up with the pillow sleeve that is made of sustainable fabric and is forgiving on the skin.

The creativity won't stop here. We will continue to come up with innovative solutions for sleep. Join us by subscribing to the newsletter or sending us an email, telling us about your sleep problems. We’re always happy to help. 

Cheers to a better sleep tonight!