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Bamboo Pillow Sleeve Set

Why do I need a pillow sheet in addition to a pillowcase?

Your pillowcase may not be as clean as you thought. If you do not wash your pillowcase every 2-3 days, adding another layer of fabric between your skin and the pillowcase can help protect your skin from facial oil, hair grease, or germs that remain in your pillowcase from previous nights.

If you like to travel or go on staycations, the pillow sleeves come in handy as you can put them over the hotel pillowcase for assurance.

Our brand's mission is to promote clean sleep. So if you already wash your pillowcase every 2-3 days, you do not need pillow sleeves unless you are looking for other benefits of the bamboo fabric.

Why is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial material better?

Hypoallergenic sheets, pillowcases and sleeves are much less likely to trigger allergic reactions because they are naturally resistant to dust mites, mold spores and mildew. Other fabrics can create an environment where bacteria, mold and other pathogens can thrive.

It also improves the quality of your sleep. Fewer allergens and foreign particles mean you are less likely to wake up from some form of irritation or aggravation during the night. Dirty sheets and pillowcases can lead to lowered immunity and poor sleep.

How do I use my pillow sleeve?

Simply wrap the pillow sleeve over your pillow and you are good to go! Since it's so portable and easy to use, you can take it with you anywhere!

How do I care for my pillow sleeve?

Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Line dry preferred. Since the fabric is very light, it will dry on the line within a couple of hours. Avoid fabric softener and bleach.

Why is my pillow sheet wrinkled after washing?

Like other natural fabrics, bamboo fabric wrinkles after washing. Just wrap it normally over your pillowcase and it will smooth out after a while. If desired, iron on a low setting.

Snugged Weighted Sleep Mask

Why are there no pressure on the eyes area?

I have personally tried weighted masks and have blurry vision when I wake up with them on.

In my research, I found out that the pressure of the eye mask can cause blurry vision and can cause major damage if worn for long periods of time.This is definitely something that worries me, so I prefer to leave out the weighted beads on my eyes to avoid this pressure.

What is the weight of the weighted mask / eye pillow?

Each weighted mask weighs around 500g (1.1 lbs).

The mask slips when I am sleeping

Yes, the mask will shift around in the middle of the night when you turn your head because there are no straps to hold it in place. We designed it with the intention of making it easier for you to sleep. you sleep, you do not really have to put the weighted mask on. It's okay if it slips after you fall asleep.

I do not know about you, but I always put a pillow or my arm over my eyes/forehead to help me sleep. It works the same way!

What is deep pressure therapy?

Deep pressure is defined as "the sensation that occurs when a person is hugged, squeezed, stroked, or held." It is often used by occupational therapists working with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It is considered rewarding, reduces stress and anxiety symptoms, and improves performance.

It is commonly used in weighted blankets, which have helped many adults and children relax and fall asleep more easily. We believe that with a little pressure on your forehead, you can have the same comfort as with a weighted blanket and it can help you relieve stress and sleep better.

How to care for my Snugged weighted mask?

Removable bamboo cover: Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle, and air dry. Avoid fabric softener, bleach and the dryer.

Weighted mask insert: Not intended for machine washing. Wipe with a damp cloth. For deepcleaning, hand wash and allow it to air dry.

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