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Staycation: How to Holiday in 2021


2020 was, unfortunately, a year dominated by the Corona virus. Travel restrictions and public concern have led to the rise of the ‘staycation’. A staycation is a holiday within one’s own country, whereas a vacation is typically an overseas trip. The staycation trend is set to last throughout 2021. Staycations are ideal for travellers looking for a low cost, low-risk holiday, or for those with limited time for their break. Concerns such as getting stranded overseas, having to quarantine and, isolation measures mean staycations are more popular than ever. Surveys indicate over 70% of us plan to take a staycation during 2021.

We all need a bit of relaxation, fun and time with our loved ones after a difficult year. Preparation is key to make the most of your much deserved time off. Book your staycation well in advance to avoid disappointment. The increasing popularity of staycations means many of the most popular locations and hotels are getting booked up quickly. Many of the larger hotel booking websites now offer ‘Covid cover’, entitling you to a full refund should your trip be cancelled due to Covid related restrictions.

If you are driving, you can make the most not having the luggage allowance associated with air travel. If you are catching a coach or train, you will want to pack as light as possible. Choose luggage which is durable and high-quality.

Always make a list when packing for a staycation. It’s extremely annoying realising you have forgotten an essential! If you have a large family and/or have children, you may want to make a separate packing list for each person. Pack strategically. Place essential items at the top of your case, and non-essentials at the bottom. There is nothing worse than arriving at a hotel exhausted from a long days travel, to then have to unpack your whole case to find your pyjamas!

 The Essentials: What to Pack for a Staycation in 2021

  1. Eyemask - Even if your hotel/B&B has blackout blinds, an eye mask is a great way to ensure the room is pitch black, allowing optimal sleep. Darkness stimulates the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone). The gentle pressure on the eyes that these masks provide also makes it easier to fall asleep. Bringing a familiar item from home, which you associate with sleep, can help diminish the ‘first night effect’, making it easier to nod off.
  1. Sunscreen - Regardless of the climate in your country, you should always wear an SPF when spending time outdoors to protect your skin. Reapply every 2 hours, particulary if you are spending time on the beach or at the pool.
  1. Loungewear - Bring tracksuits or pyjamas for ultimate comfort while travelling or relaxing in your room. If you live in a hot country, go for lightweight breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen.
  1. Games - If you have children, you will thank yourself for packing something to keep them entertained! Take your staycation as an opportunity to have a break from screens, and minimise use of phones, laptops and televisions as much as possible. Pack traditional games, or games that encourage play outdoors to ensure you get plenty of fresh air. Ball games are a great, compact option. Are you on an adults only trip? Card games are a fun way to bond without taking up too much space in your suitcase!
  1. Skincare - Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean you should skip your skincare routine! Consistency is key for great looking skin, particularly if you have a skin concern. Sunshine, heat, alcohol, sweat and stress from travelling can all contribute to skin issues, so your skincare is more important than ever. If you live in a warm climate, use lightweight, hydrating products. Warm temperatures lead to increased sebum production, which can cause oily skin, and even lead to acne. Keep it simple. A good travel skincare pack should include a gentle cleanser, moisturiser, SPF and hydrating mist.
  1. Headphones - During a staycation it is likely to will be spending an extended period of time in the car, or perhaps a coach or train. Listening to music, or your favourite podcast is an enjoyable way to relax and help pass the time. If you are lucky enough to enjoy some warm weather during your staycation, these will also come in handy for sunbathing. Noise-cancelling earphones may also be beneficial when trying to sleep, particularly if you are staying in a busy, noisy hotel.
  1. A Good Book - Reading is a great way to unwind. Reading before bed will help you unwind much more quickly than watching television.
  1. Hairdryer - The hairdryers provided by many hotels are often poor quality or too small. If you have long or thick hair it may be more convenient to bring your own from home (if you have the space!).
  1. Slippers - Many of the more prestigious hotels provide slippers for their guests, but they are often too big! Bring your own slippers from home for some familiar comfort.
  1. Sleepfolio Pillow Sleeve - Upgrade your sleep wherever you go with the Sleepfolio Pillow Sleeve. The Sleepfolio pillow sleeve is the perfect accompaniment for any trip. It can even be used over hotel pillows!

The Sleepfolio pillow sleeve is made from bamboo fibres which have antimicrobial properties. This ensures you are not breathing in bacteria or compromising your immune system. The hypoallergenic properties of the pillow sleeve make them a great choice for those with skin sensitivities or eczema. Sleeping on a clean, fresh pillow is healthier, more hygienic, and more comfortable.

A dirty pillowcase can lead to skin and health issues, and there is no way of knowing for sure how clean a hotel pillow is. The pillow sleeve will also add familiarity to bedtime, making getting to sleep much easier and quicker. Bamboo fibres are breathable and temperature regulating, in comparison to traditional materials used for pillowcases such as cotton and polyester. The Sleepfolio pillow sleeve is compact, easy to pack, and slips over your hotel pillow in just 3 seconds.

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