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The Benefits of Bamboo Pillowcases

There are many pillowcases options available on the market today and the choice and be overwhelming. Most of the traditional pillowcases available are made from cotton or polyester blends. While these products are inexpensive, they do have their drawbacks. The fibres naturally create a rough surface, which can lead to dull looking skin, frizzy hair and even wrinkles! Cotton is an absorbent material so they can deplete the natural moisture in hair and skin.

So what’s the alternative?

Recent years have seen the emergence of ‘beauty pillowcases’ which are made of silk, satin or bamboo fibres.

Bamboo fabrics are textiles compiled from fibres of the bamboo plant. Bamboo can grow in 70% of the world, making it one of the earth's most renewable resources. Bamboo has been used for clothing and household fabrics for thousands of years.

Bamboo is a much smoother material, which is kinder to skin and hair. This also gives a soft, luxurious feel to bedding. Bamboo pillowcases are 40% less absorbent than traditional cotton pillowcases so hair and skin maintain their natural moisture.

What are the benefits of a bamboo pillowcase?

Switching to a bamboo pillowcase can be a real game-changer. The benefits include:

  • Less likely to cause allergies - Bamboo pillowcases are naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, so they are less likely to irritate your skin. This can be a Godsend for those with sensitive skin or eczema. The pillowcases further benefit those with skin conditions as they have a smoother surface. Cotton pillowcases have a rougher surface which can lead to friction and irritation. These pillowcases also prevent dust mites from forming, which is a common problem with traditional pillowcases.
  • Avoid frizzy hair - A smoother pillowcase can lead to better-looking hair. Those with afro or curly hair, in particular, have reported great results.
  • Durability - As bamboo is less absorbent, pillowcases tend to last more washes.
  • Odour resistant - Bamboo fabrics are naturally odour resistant, so will stay fresher for longer.
  • Retain skins moisture - As the bamboo pillowcases are better at retaining moisture than a cotton alternative, these are beneficial for those suffering from dry skin.
  • Better quality sleep - Less exposure to germs and allergens means less irritation, and that you are less likely to wake up during the night due to itching or disturbance. Bamboo pillowcases have a naturally high thread count (300-600) making it one of the most comfortable fabric choices for bedding, allowing you to fall asleep, and stay asleep with ease.
  • Temperature regulation - As bamboo is a natural material, it creates a breathable fabric, with good airflow. This means your pillowcase will stay cool in the summer and retain heat in the winter.  Cotton pillowcases tend to retain heat, which can be uncomfortable during warmer months. High thread count cotton is more breathable, but it comes with a hefty price tag! Bamboo is 3 times more breathable than cotton.
  • Quick drying - Bamboo fibres can take three times their weight in water, which means they are fast-drying, even without a dryer. The fabric will maintain its soft, luxurious feel wash-after-wash.
  • Appearance - Bamboo linen can transform the appearance of your bedroom, giving the space an expensive luxurious feel. Bamboo fibres accept dye quicker and more rapidly than cotton, viscose or polyester, and less dye can be used. This makes colours look more vibrant, and whites appear brighter. The effect is your pillowcases will look newer for longer.
  • Wrinkle Resistant - Bamboo fabrics are naturally more wrinkle resistant when compared to fabrics such as cotton and polyester. Your pillowcases may still require ironing (if that is your preference) but less ironing than a traditional pillowcase, and at a lower temperature. One great tip for avoiding creases in bamboo is to place in the dryer for around 5 minutes, and then immediately hang up to dry. Much of the ceasing will naturally fall out and diminish over time.
  • Social benefits. Bamboo is widely available in rural communities, where resources and opportunity may be limited. Supporting bamboo production can improve the economy and job markets for poorer countries.
  • Eco-Friendly- Bamboo fabric has grown in popularity over recent years as it is eco-friendly. Bamboo can be quickly harvested within 4 years, limiting its environmental impact. Bamboo has high reproduction ability and can regenerate itself so replanting is minimal, making it a super sustainable option. This plant also can grow without pesticides, harsh chemicals or fertilizers. Bamboo plants can grow up to 1m a day, making them a great renewable resource. In comparison, the cotton plant requires a low of pesticides in order to grow, making it much less environmentally friendly.
  • Comfort- Nothing feels quite as luxurious as a bamboo pillowcase! This luxurious fabric is super comfortable, making getting to sleep easy. The fabric isn’t clingy and maintains its softness over time. Bamboo is said to a similar soft feel to silk, but is much more durable and lower cost. Although comfort is subjective, many cotton brands, particularly those with a low thread count, can feel rough and low quality

Are they any drawbacks?

There are very little cons to switching to bamboo pillowcases. The very little negatives include:

  • Chemicals used during production. Some types of bamboo fabrics are manufactured using harsh chemicals which are damaging to the environment. This is no way affects the hypoallergenic or antimicrobial properties of the cases, and they are still perfectly safe to use.
  • Expense - Bamboo pillowcases do tend to cost more than cotton and polyester. But we feel they are worth the investment! When compared to the cotton of a high thread count, bamboo pillowcases can work out at a similar price.

Our Conclusion

There are far more positive arguments for bamboo pillowcases than drawbacks. In comparison to other bedding, they are a smart investment and an easy way to upgrade your bedtime. Bamboo pillowcases will provide ultimate comfort, health benefits and a good night’s sleep. Once you have tried bamboo bedding, you will be converted!

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